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To attract and grow quality businesses, and advocate for Greater Phoenix’s competitiveness.

We are an inclusive, diverse family

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By the Numbers

Over the last 34 years GPEC has fueled the regional economy, racking up some impressive stats along the way.


Regional Locates


High-Quality Jobs


Capital Investment

Phoenix, Arizona, USA Cityscape

A Few Words From Our Leadership

Chris Camacho

President & CEO, GPEC

“The success of GPEC is measurable by the market’s diverse growth, including extraordinary investments from semiconductors and suppliers, combined with the strength of our partnerships with local communities and industry leaders. The work accomplished through these relationships has made Greater Phoenix known as a thriving and competitive region that fosters innovation and growth of emerging industries. Our commitment to collaboration is what furthers GPEC’s impact and promises a prolific future for the region.”

David Rousseau

Chair, GPEC Board of Directors

President, Salt River Project (SRP)

“The future of Greater Phoenix is shaped largely by economic development, and GPEC’s work is a major driver of the innovation and pro-business environment the region is known for. GPEC’s strategic local relationships combined with its international presence emphasizes the region’s impact and importance at a global scale while amplifying new perspectives and creating growth opportunities for years to come.”

Our Impact

Bringing businesses to the region is what we do, changing lives is what drives us.

Meet just one of the individuals whose life was changed in part from the opportunities ACCO Engineered Systems brought to the region.

A Year of Action

An award-winning team, recognized as a global leader in economic development.




Chris Camacho

Leader of the Year

President & CEO

Excellence in Economic Development

7th straight year

Kristen Stephenson, CEcD

Member of the Year

Senior Vice President, Research & Analytics


Interactive Rising Star

Jessica Daley


Digital Marketing


Non-Profit Website Design

GPEC Website




Art pieces sold

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Local artists

Featured in Axios newsletter and four blog Thought Leadership pieces


Virtual & in-person

Art Exhibits


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GPEC hosted national site selectors at the WM Phoenix Open to experience the momentum of the region and to learn about the latest regional advancements.

In conjunction with the WM Phoenix Open FamTour, GPEC partnered with Crossover VC to host capital firms at the Desert Tech Connect event, which brought together top founders, investors, athletes and entertainers.


Executives targeted


Taiwan Tech Day was cohosted by TAITRA and GPEC, bringing together industry leaders and experts from Taiwan to showcase the latest in autonomous vehicles, communication technology, unmanned aerial vehicles and software.

Qualified leads


Total Events



Project pipeline

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Total impressions

Total audience size

Research Requests

International Efforts

In FY23 GPEC participated in eight international conferences and hosted eight market visits along with our partners, generating a total of 59 prospects.

Action Plan Recap

With the first year of our three-year strategic plan completed, we reflect on the goals that drove our success. Together with GPEC’s 22 member communities, Maricopa County, more than 200+ private sector investors and regional partners, we have laid a solid foundation that will allow us to strategically build upon those successes over the next two years as we continue the work to advance the region.

3-Year Strategic Goals:

Lead an ambitious shared vision for the region’s economic future

Enhance the foundation

of the future economy

with a focus on emerging

and innovation-driven

industry sectors

FY23 Action Plan Goals:

GOAL #01

Building on a comprehensive approach to economic development, FY23 will focus on working with partners to identify, articulate, and pursue objectives that will create impact on key economic imperatives and policy priorities.

GOAL #02

GPEC has maintained an aggressive approach to economic development and will continue to be laser focused on excelling and innovating on business attraction, branding and cluster development strategies.

Expand organizational

capacity to serve the

Greater Phoenix economic ecosystem and meet the needs of the market

GOAL #03

Named the top economic development organization globally in FY22, GPEC will build on successful strategies to enhance the organization’s influence and longevity, honing world-class talent and delivering value for the region.

FY23 Performance Metrics

GPEC met each of its respective goals, hitting stretch on all but three metrics, target on one metric and contract on the remaining two.


Businesses located


New jobs created


Payroll generated


Average high wage salary

FY23 Noteworthy Events

August 2022

Regional Report: State of Black Business 2022

The second annual State of Black Business Report quantifies more data around Black-owned businesses and entrepreneurship in Greater Phoenix.

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november 2022

Ambassador Event: Arizona’s Water Position

Decades of intentional planning have bolstered groundwater supply in Greater Phoenix, set aside for times of need, but further investment is necessary to support future growth.

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MAy 2023

Ambassador Event: Arts & Culture in Greater Phoenix

Arts and culture are integral to the leading economies of the world, promoting cultural exchange and diversity, providing entertainment for citizens and tourists, and contributing directly to the market.

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MARCH 2023

Ambassador Event: Greater Phoenix Tech Story

Greater Phoenix has evolved with the needs of industry since its emergence as a tech leader, supplying military technology after World War II.

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Additional Highlights from 2023

Follow us for the latest news happening across the region.

FY23 Locates

Greater Phoenix offers a pro-business climate with the infrastructure necessary to support business operations, making it no surprise that in FY23, 37 businesses located or expanded in the region.

Explore our interactive locate map to take a deeper dive into the companies that now call Greater Phoenix home.


Rooftop HVAC


Mesa, Arizona

350 Jobs • 550K Sq. Ft.


Providing sustainable solutions in air treatment systems, Xnrgy designs and manufactures HVAC systems that reduce costs and improve energy efficiency.

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Tokyo Electron (TEL)

Chandler, Arizona

300 Jobs • 16K+ Sq. Ft.

Advanced Administrative

A leading global company in semiconductor production equipment. Tokyo Electron is the only manufacturer offering system solutions for all four sequential patterning processes.

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Solar panels

JA Solar

Phoenix, Arizona

355 Jobs • 765K+ Sq. Ft.


Once operational, JA Solar’s Phoenix facility will be the largest manufacturing site of solar/PV products in Arizona with a capacity of 2 gigawatts.

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Recycling concept. bins for different garbage. Waste management concept. Waste segregation. Separation of waste on garbage cans. Sorting waste for recycling. Disposal waste. Colored bins with trash.

Rehrig Pacific

Buckeye, Arizona

122 Jobs • 250K+ Sq. Ft.

Advanced Manufacturing

Rehrig Pacific is a leading manufacturer of integrated sustainable solutions for the supply chain and environmental waste industries.

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Meet Our Investors

Through the support of local business, community, and statewide leadership, we’re proactively taking steps to assure that Greater Phoenix is the place for talent to be bred, community to be built and business to thrive.

Meet Our Team

The Greater Phoenix Economic Council team works collaboratively to support expansion and relocation projects for companies considering Greater Phoenix.

Greater Phoenix: Where Business Thrives

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